Welcome to Our Home

We're the McDermitts! 

We are a family farm registered as an official Georgia Agritourism location.

The focus of our early years was raising club lambs for our children to show. Our desire was to have a family business that would allow us to work together as a family and  provide income to support our many  animal interests. Farmer Kenny grew up in a family run greenhouse business. He wanted to raise our children with a foundation in Christ and provide opportunities for them to experience the satisfaction of a job well done.

His Handiwork is seen in every structure and activity you see at the farm. It was all created by members of our family. We are especially proud of our “pavilion “ that is put together with pegs. 

Kayla’s passion is helping children from Hard places. The farm provided  the perfect opportunity to chase that passion. Many children have spent time on the farm. Several became permanent residents when they changed their last name to McDermitt. The income from farm made it possible to keep saying yes to growing our family by adoption and helping others grow their families by adoption. The animals on the farm have helped many children find peace in the chaos of life.

We all enjoy watching families create memories on the farm. We have literally watched many children in our community grow up. Some now have children of their own that we are watching grow up. 

The third generation of the farm was born in August when we welcomed our first grandson to the family. We look forward to experiencing the farm through his eyes. Cannot wait for his first trip down the big slide . 

This is our Family Farm.